The Jumeirah Kids Club has introduced fun activities for kids to try at home in the UAE

Little ones can make cards, create a mocktail and more

The Jumeirah Kids Club has introduced fun activities for kids to try at home in the UAE

Trying to find new and innovative ways to keep the kiddos entertained all day every day? (We hear you mums and dads).

The Jumeirah Kids Club has introduced something that might help keep mini family members busy at home

So let your creative kiddos lose on these fun activities, and who knows, you might get a bit of downtime for you at the same time.

Card Creation

DIY card making is a fun way to get crafty and put a smile on someone’s face.

What you need:
• Colourful pieces of card/paper.
• Colourful markers, pencils and crayons.
• Glitter.
• Glue.
• Scissors.
• Optional: sequins, beads, pompoms, fuzzy pipe cleaners, buttons etc.

What to do:
1. Create a card-making station on a table with all the materials laid out.
2. Help your little ones decide who they will make the cards for.
3. Let their creativity shine.

Lego Building Competition

LEGO games are great for creativity and help kids think beyond the instruction-lead box set mentality. So step up masterbuilders and give these a go.

What you need:

What to do:
1. Set-up a LEGO building area (to avoid parents accidentally stepping on stray LEGO pieces, ouch!).
2. Begin the build. Either follow the instructions to LEGO masterpiece.

Circuit Class

Stay fit and active with a circuit course at home for the kids. Circuit courses are a great way to integrate aerobic fitness with muscular endurance and flexibility activities, which can be recreated in your home environment.

While equipment isn’t necessary, you could use the following:
• Dining chair.
• Jump rope.
• Football.
• Hula hoop.

What to do:
1. Set up four to six stations, with the goal for each child to spend 60 seconds at each station not including a 30-second rest in between. Station examples:
a. Jump rope or jumping jacks (cardio).
b. Step-ups on a dining chair (strength).
c. Balancing on one leg (agility).
d. Ball toss with a parent (coordination).
e. Hula hooping (coordination, strength and cardio).
f. Push-ups against the wall or on knees (strength).

2. Include a five-minute warm-up such as high knees, jumping jacks and circle jumps in and out of a hula hoop.

3. Set a timer for 20 minutes.

4. Turn the music up and let the workout begin.

5. Include a five-minute cool-down including stretches.

Junior mocktail maker

Gather a drinks shaker or two and shake up some fizzy fruity mocktails at home. Children will enjoy mixing their favourite flavours, adding fancy garnishes and of course, drinking them as a refreshing afternoon treat.

What you need:
• Fruit juices and cordials.
• Garnishes such as lemon, lime and fresh mint.
• Drinks shaker.
• Colourful straws and mini umbrellas.

What to do:
1. Set-up a mocktail station with all ingredients and equipment.
2. Allow little ones to choose their ingredients including flavours, garnishes and straws.
3. Shake (or stir) the mocktails before pouring into a glass.
4. Top with garnish.
5. Help them name their mocktails – that's half the fun!
6. Enjoy.

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