Three fun games for UAE kids to play at home with their family

Top ideas to keep the kids entertained

Three fun games for UAE kids to play at home with their family

School hours are shorter because of Ramdan, which means more free time to fill to keep little ones out of trouble.

So if you're looking for ways to keep them occupied, look no further. Caesars Bluewaters Dubai kids' club, The Empire Club, has suggested three fun games for kids across the UAE to try at home to keep them entertained and engaged.

The Empire Club has recommended these three activities that will not only provide some fun and focus for the kiddos, but will in turn (hopefully) also keeps mums and dads sane!

Best of all, you should be able to do them using things you already have at home.

And then everyone's happy.

Planets of Call

Objective: To select the planet that last remaining planet in the galaxy.
What you will need: Make the planets using paper and colouring pencils and write the names of all of the planets on to lolly sticks. You will also need music.
How to play: Tape the planet signs around the room where the kids can see them. When the music starts, the kids should dance around. But when the music stops, the kids need to run to their chosen planet and stand next to the sign. Mums and dads then choose one of the popsicle sticks at random and read out the name of the planet on the stick. All the children standing at that particular planet are out, banished from the galaxy.The last one on the dance floor wins.

Island Hopping

Objective: To avoid being eaten by the sharks
What you will need: Hula Hoops, music
How to play: At the start of the game, have a discussion with the kids about islands and see if they can name any islands they know around the world. Then place several hula hoops around the room (these are the islands). If you do not have hula hoops at home, use rope or string to create the island, and attribute an island name to each circle. Have the kids spread out around the room, and while the music is playing, they 'swim' around in the water near the islands. When the music stops, they have to jump on an island or the sharks will eat them.  Randomly the parents can then eliminate islands, forcing the kids to all fit onto one island for survival. It can be narrowed all the way down to one hula hoop (island).  Kids that can’t fit on the island are out.

Secret Identity

Objective: To guess if a statement the child gives about themselves is true or false
How to play: Ask each player to come up with one thing about themselves. It can be something true or it can be a lie. The rest of the group has to guess if their 'secret identity' is true or false. For example, a child could say 'I have two pet dogs'.  The rest of the players have to guess whether or not this is true or false. Once everybody guesses, the child reveals if what they said was true or false. Each child gets a turn to give their statement. Every time the child manages to fool the other players they could be given a coin or token and whoever receives the highest is the secret identity winner. 

Time to bring out their competitive streak!

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