See the world from your sofa here in the UAE

The museum has safety precautions in place, too

Keep the kids occupied in the UAE this summer

Films that have won an academy award to watch with the kids in the UAE

Theatre from your living room – where you get to influence the story

Potato printing, sock puppets, paper cup walkie talkies and more

The Talk will be broadcast across the brand's YouTube channel

UAE bookworms can enjoy the literary fair from home

Movie nights galore for UAE families

Story time with Dolly Parton, Reese Witherspoon and Josh Gad

The free platform features content from over 2,000 leading museums and archives

From father-son rock medleys to video diaries

Why catching some proper ZZZs is so important

Kids will love these movies hitting the big screen

It's the first event announced at the new venue on Yas Island

We celebrate the city’s top venues, organisations and people

This year's event will focus on book-inspired cinema after Sharjah was named the World Book Capital in 2019


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