‘Live From Home’ online platform hosts live streams of Metallica, Michael Bublé and local talent

A new weekly stream will bring many much needed laughs via social media

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From ABBA and Luther Vandross to Outkast and Pharrell, these tunes are guaranteed to put a smile on your face

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The third edition of the Sharjah Film Platform is set to take place in November

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Use up those tins that have been rattling around in your cupboard

Get your brain working and team up to solve puzzles at home

Upload your images, choose your frame and away you go

Make budget meals with Jamie Oliver and cook dinner with Chrissy Teigen

Whip up comfort foods, decadent desserts, vegan dishes and more

Show yourself some much needed love with these simple methods

The platform is doing its bit to make self-isolation more enjoyable

Now is the time to pick up that skill you’ve always wanted


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