Ten quirky websites to check out while self-isolating in the UAE

Fun sides to the internet you may not have seen

Ten quirky websites to check out while self-isolating in the UAE

Were all spending a little more time at home these days and looking for things to do.

If you’re like us then you’ve probably fallen down a few rabbit holes on Wikipedia and YouTube while killing time.

Want to explore more of what the internet has to offer away from your most-visited sites? Here are ten cool websites that you probably didn’t know existed and can help pass some time.

Antipodes Map

Have you ever wondered where you would end up if you could drill a hole beneath your feet and pop up on the other side on the world? Well, now you can find out without trying to dig through the Earth's core. Visit this site and you can select a location and see the exact opposite side of the globe from it. Most of the time we end up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but, it’s still pretty cool.


There are more than four million songs on Spotify that have never been listened to. If you feel bad for those artists, or just want to hear something new, this cool website will randomly selected a never-before-heard song from the streaming service for you to enjoy.

How Long To Read

Looking at those books on the shelf and thinking of diving in? Before you crack the spine and begin chapter one you can visit this cool site to, well, see how long it will take to read at an average speed. So before you start out reading Crime and Punishment you should know it takes the average reader 11 hours and 18 minutes to complete. Maybe put the kettle on first.

Music Map

If you like a band and want to hear more that sound similar, type the name of them into this website and lots of suggestions will come up. It’s a cool way to discover new music, fast.

My Fridge Food

All stocked up and no idea what to cook? Not to worry. Click the list of ingredients you have to hand and the site will recommend a recipe to make with them. It couldn’t be more convenient unless someone cooked it for you as well.

Radio Garden

Radio might not be in its heyday, but there are still loads of great stations across the world providing great music, events coverage and stimulating conversation. Want to reconnect to radio? Go to Radio Garden and you can listen to radio stations from all over the world absolutely free.

The True Size

Ever wondered how big countries are in comparison to others? Well, now you can see exactly how big Peru is by dragging it over the globe and comparing it to Zimbabwe. Did you know that the UAE is bigger than Netherlands and Belgium combined? Well, you do now.

The Useless Web

Think you’ve seen it all online? We bet you haven’t. Visit this website and it will take randomly take you to another that’s completely useless, utterly bonkers or one that no one is sure why it really exists. So far we’ve visited a page with a tiny tuba, one with a horse whose legs never end, no matter how far you scroll down and some even less useful than those.


Thinking of starting a new TV show and not sure how much time it will take to watch every season? Well now you can find out. See exactly how long it will take to watch Friends from start to finish in one binge. Sorry, be right back, we’re away to watch all of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, it only takes five days, two hours and six minutes to complete…

Web Archive

The Internet moves at such an electric pace it’s hard to keep track, but if you were around in the early days, like us, you’ll remember that websites were far less attractive and engaging in the beginning. Want to see what your favourite websites were like when they first launched? Of course you do. Type in the URL to this site and you can see screenshots from their websites of old. You can even see Time Out on the site, just don’t judge us, we were new to this whole internet thing back then.

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