Mass online singing campaign launches across the UAE

Andra Day’s hit Rise Up to be re-imagined as part of inspirational self-isolation campaign

 Mass online singing campaign launches across the UAE

A new online community music initiative has launched in the UAE, which aims to bring people together across the country, raise spirits, and showcase the local talent of residents in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and beyond.

Whether you’re a musician or not, everyone is encouraged to take part in a nationwide, collaborative music video inspired by Andra Day’s iconic hit Rise Up.

The Inspire Initiative is seeking submissions from anyone across the country, to create an inspiring collage of singers performing Day’s motivational hit.

Registrations are now open if you want to take part in the programme, which can be done from the comfort of your own home – as long as you’ve got access to a good quality camera and a white background, you can get involved.

After receiving submissions, the teams, Park Lane Live and West End Worldwide will collaborate to create a full video of the song based purely on user-generated content and submissions.

Click here to full out your request to join, and you’ll then receive a questionnaire to complete online and your submission will be looked at.

Don’t worry if your video doesn’t make it this time, the team are planning on making future videos to keep the positivity going. Stay tuned for more as it comes.

If you’ve been feeling like you’re in need of a little bit of motivation during this period of self-isolation, or like you could do with a hand on the shoulder to say “everything is going to be okay”, then you’re not alone, and this might just bring a smile to your face.

Stay safe, stay happy – if you’re feeling the stress of self-isolation right now, hopefully this dedicated feature on maintaining your mental health will help you manage this particularly difficult time.

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