Five ways you know you're procrastinating

When you’re supposed to be working from home but you’re, erm, not

Five ways you know you’re procrastinating

1 You’re actually trying that dandelion herbal tea

It’s no longer enough to make yourself a cup of coffee. By now you’re probably up to six cups a day – never mind the night jitters all that caffeine causes, the main thing is you get some all-important time away from the laptop screen. We all have a few herbal teas lying around at the back of a kitchen cupboard, probably pilfered during your last hotel stay, so now is the time to try them out. Just so you know, dandelion tea apparently helps with weight loss, important considering number four on this list.

2 That broken lightbulb in your kitchen will finally be replaced

You know the one. It’s not essential. You have two ceiling lights in there and one works. It’s also an open plan kitchen, so there’s light leakage from your living room anyway. Nonetheless, today is the day it finally will be replaced. You also need the bulb, of course, so a rummage around that draw with all the delivery menus in is needed. Might as well tidy that up while you’re on, right?

3 The colours and darks are separated for your next wash

Not only are you taking the time to sort your washing out properly, you’re also doing the washing at home. When times are tight some things need to go by the wayside and laundry is one of those non-essentials that we’re giving up. You have a washing machine for a reason, so you might as well use it. Take it from us, it’s not worth risking putting the reds and whites in together.

4 You really take a break to eat

Our working days are usually so busy, many people end up skipping lunch altogether. Those who don’t, often end up shovelling a soggy sandwich down their throats while typing furiously with one hand, all in an effort to get ahead and give themselves some breathing space once the day is over. During these days of working from home, however, time will be spent on the mise en place, vegetables will be julienned, onions will be sweated for ten minutes until translucent, you will take a full hour for your lunch. Maybe for breakfast, too. And elevenses. And afternoon tea. Just don’t use up all your stockpiled tins.

5 Writing your to-do list takes up most of your morning

You want to be able to read it properly, so take your time to make sure it’s neat. Why not colour code it, too? It’ll save time in the long run, after all. If you want to feel like you’ve actually achieved something at the end of it add ‘write a to-do list’, you can immediately cross something off and feel like you’ve achieved something.

Maybe reward yourself with a nice cup of herbal tea…

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